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Performance of Hofgut Neumühle

Representative   Bezirksverband Pfalz - a special community in Palatinate
Our Business   Instruction of agricultural trainees in addition to vocational college and further vocational training of adults in competent keeping and using productive livestock; carrying out of practical tests and the publications of their results; giving lectures; public relations and exhibitions.
Education system   We do about 120 courses and seminars a year with 2500 participants to train people in competent keeping and using dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, fallow deer and poultry. To take best care of our clients we manage a canteen with serving meals prepared by own staff and a boarding school.
National school of cattle and meat trading
  This private school is the only technical college for management trainees in cattle and meat business and teaches from April until September.
Tests and experiments
  We examine practical questions of dairy production, meat production with pigs and beef cattle, calf rearing and the quality of livestock products.
Techniques of livestock keeping, systems of feeding, feed production and quality of conservation, farmyard manure disposal under ecologically beneficial aspects and also first testings of new farm equipment can be subjects of different experiments in our institute.

Farm characteristics

  • 150 ha (371 acres) pasture for green forage, hay and silage, 110 ha (272 acres) arable land (barley, wheat, maize), 70 ha (173 acres) of woodland, 10 ha (24 acres) biotope
  • altitude: 250 - 350 m NN (above sea level)
  • average amount of precipitation per year: 680 mm (26,7 inches)
  • average temperature per year: 8,6 °C
  • 150 dairy cows, pedigree breeding of German Holstein
  • 100 calves and heifers
  • suckler herd with 20 cows, Glanrind - regional breed, maintenance breeding
  • 30 breeding sows, German Landrace, Pietrain and Hybrids
  • 700 fattening pigs, piglets and gilts per year
  • sheep flock with 100 ewes, pedigree breeding of German Merino Sheep
  • 35 employees, consisting of 19 agricultural experts, 1 Vet, 10 people working in administration and kitchen, plus up to 7 trainees

Livestock Production

Dairy cows:   10.800 kg milk with 3,97 % fat content and 3,31 % protein, milk quota of 1,4 million kg per year
Breeding sows:   2,3 litters per sow and year with 33,1 piglets for marketing < 12,1 % loss of piglets
farrowing interval: 150 days (inclusive gilts from first insemination)
Fattening pigs:
(30 - 125 kg)
  950 g daily weight gain
60,1 % lean meat from carcass / 0,99 IXP
< 2,4 % loss of animals
97 % of the carcasses are graded E or S
Breeding ewes:   lambing rate 149 %
lamb rearing proportion 140 %
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